Your Plan

Why you need a website plan

defining the features revised - house and parts colorHaving someone build you a custom house would be pretty exciting, huh?  You’d get to control the layout, colors, landscaping, and even details like the fixtures.  You wouldn’t dream of leaving those details to chance or excluding important features, just because it took time to understand them.  Similarly, getting a custom website takes engagement.  And the more planning you are able to do before work begins, the more likely you are to be pleased with the outcome.

Our free planning tool


Come away with a detailed list of features that you can shop around with, as well as a better idea of what you do – and don’t – want for your online presence. This tool will help you figure out your destination and plan the route to get there.  You can even use your results when getting estimates from other companies so you can compare ‘apples to apples’.

“What is it?”

  • it’s an interview about your strategy, goals, content, design, and functionality
  • only the questions that relate to you will appear
  • it’s how you get a free itemized estimate from us

“What is the benefit?”