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Your logo is the heart of your branding.  Have us design your new one.

Areas of benefit

  • Branding


How does the process work?

There are plenty of jokes and sad stories about how the creative process gone awry (our owner has been a musician for over 30 years so he’s seen it first hand).  How do you stick to a fixed budget with something as nuanced as the heart and culture and appropriately broken rules of design?  When this type of work is mismanaged, your budget is blown and our time is wasted.

We solve that problem with a simple, iterative process where adjustments are batched into revisions and you can add or stop revisions at any time.

There are two types of revisions and each is the same price.

Revision type 1: many designs

  1. You provide…
    1. information on your target market such as demographics (what they look like on the outside) and psychographics (what they look like on the inside)
    2. information on your corporate identity and primary value proposition
    3. any specifics you are interested in for elements of the new logo.  For example: “we don’t want a circular logo… that’s too much like our last one” or “it needs to work well when printing with only black and white” or “we’d like it to incorporate a reference to our city landmark” etc.
  2. You would share this information with us electronically in a Google Drive folder we would provide.
  3. We take your input and come up with a group of ideas.
  4. From there you are free to license one for your own use (around $35, not paid to us) or continue the revision process (with either revision type).

Revision type 2: one design

  1. If you have not already provided the information in step one above, then that’s the first step in this revision.  Even if you already have provided it previously, this is where you would add any new background info.
  2. You provide a single design that you want changes done to.  It could, for example, be one of the designs you select from the group we provided in the above revision type.  In that case, you would need to license it on your own first (around $35, not paid to us) and then provide the design files to us.
  3. You provide a list of the changes you want made to that design.
  4. You would share this information with us electronically in a Google Drive folder we would provide.
  5. We make the changes and return it to you.  We ensure you have the design file(s) so you can use it for whatever you’d like in the future.

An example

Suppose you are not exactly sure what you want, so you start with Revision Type 1: Many Designs.  We provide the group of ideas and you narrow it down to two that you particularly like.  One of them is fine as it is and you , but for the other one you’d like some changes made.

Optional consulting

If you’d like some help thinking through the information we’re asking for such as demographics, psychographics, identity and value proposition, and important elements to consider, just add a Consulting Cervice with our owner.  He’s been in the creative space for over 30 years, has studied culture at the graduate level, and has cross-cultural experience in the government, for-profit, and non-profit worlds.  He’ll be able to give you ideas about branding principles, mistakes to avoid, and new directions to consider.

Can you just use your name for your logo?

Yes, that’s a very viable option – just be careful with your font choices.  When only text is used then the subtleties of your identity, messaging, and target audience are now captured in the style of the font.  For example…

  • Are you an “in your face” brand?  Perhaps big and blocky is best.
  • Are your customers professionals in large organizations?  Probably should avoid anything they would be embarrassed to show their boss.
  • Does your value proposition involve service and compassion?  A more elegant and emotional font could work well.

Even if you’re just using your name, we can help you with the font choice.  It’s important to consider fonts that give you flexibility in terms of sizing and that also load well on a web page (not all fonts are optimized for web usage).

Lock in pricing

Web marketing is a dynamic environment, and we adjust our published pricing or packages from time to time.

But you can lock in pricing for 30 days. Just build a quote request with services from our store and then submit it to us. If we do give you a quote, it's good for 30 days. There's no obligation and you can submit as many quote requests as you want.

Would you like help?

Once all the factors become clear, planning a web marketing project can be a bit daunting. We'd be glad to schedule a phone call to help get you started.

Note: this is not our version of a sales call. It's us listening to you and answering your questions.

Normally our consulting sessions are paid, but your first 15 minute session is on us (free!).

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