Final Website Testing and Launch

We will do a final quality check on the new site and then go live.

Areas of benefit

  • Protect Your Investment
  • Search Engine Visibility


There are dozens of checks to be made before going live with a website.  Let us take care of those details for you.

  • We ensure the site is visible to search engines
  • We will test areas such as:
    • content
    • integration
    • performance
    • and more
  • Changes to the site should be avoided during testing and launch otherwise there is a risk of data loss.
  • We do not normally test accessibility as part of this service unless you have had us do special accessibility functions on the site

Lock in pricing

Web marketing is a dynamic environment, and we adjust our published pricing or packages from time to time.

But you can lock in pricing for 30 days. Just build a quote request with services from our store and then submit it to us. If we do give you a quote, it's good for 30 days. There's no obligation and you can submit as many quote requests as you want.

Would you like help?

Once all the factors become clear, planning a web marketing project can be a bit daunting. We'd be glad to schedule a phone call to help get you started.

Note: this is not our version of a sales call. It's us listening to you and answering your questions.

Normally our consulting sessions are paid, but your first 15 minute session is on us (free!).

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