Cloud Backups & Restore (recurring)

Protect your investment of time, money, and energy with regular backups of your website.

Areas of benefit

  • Protect Your Investment

$9.00 / month

  • protect the investment of your time, money, and energy
  • an insurance plan in the event of software failure, hardware failure, human error, or a successful attack on your site
  • off-site backups in case something happens to your server
  • go as far 90 days back
  • able to restore just your site rather than having to restore the whole control panel (email, FTP users, other sites, etc.) like some backup solutions require

We will…

  • determine a solid backup solution for your site
  • source the physical backup location
  • ensure your backups have a high level of physical, procedural, and technical security to prevent compromise
  • setup the backup solution
  • ensure both files and database are backed up
  • avoid an excessive load on your web server

Does not include…

  • we do not normally provide backups for sites hosted with GoDaddy in light of their technical restrictions and poor customer support (Siteground is a great alternative or you can have us host your site – we leverage premium US based host LiquidWeb)
  • restoration of the site – though we are happy to do this if you submit a support request
  • provision of the backup files – though you can submit a support request to gain access to these (either one time or on an ongoing basis)

You can find more information in the WordPress Codex section on backups.

Lock in pricing

Web marketing is a dynamic environment, and we adjust our published pricing or packages from time to time.

But you can lock in pricing for 30 days. Just build a quote request with services from our store and then submit it to us. If we do give you a quote, it's good for 30 days. There's no obligation and you can submit as many quote requests as you want.

Would you like help?

Once all the factors become clear, planning a web marketing project can be a bit daunting. We'd be glad to schedule a phone call to help get you started.

Note: this is not our version of a sales call. It's us listening to you and answering your questions.

Normally our consulting sessions are paid, but your first 15 minute session is on us (free!).

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