A Marketing Plan that Rocks

A Marketing Plan that Rocks

marketing plan that rocks finalDo you know what areas of your marketing need help?  Use this marketing assessment to unlock e-coaching tools so you can identify and boost those areas.

This tool is based off of an effective way to think about your customers called Lifecycle Marketing, developed by the folks at Infusionsoft.  It is a simple framework with which to identify opportunities you have to improve your existing marketing plan (or make one in the first place!).  You can watch their video here about a typical vs. ideal customer life cycle.

The coaching questionnaire below will address each phase of the relationship you have with a customer into 3 phases:

  1. Attract.  Connect with them in the first place.
  2. Sell.  Close the deal.
  3. Wow.  Keep them coming back.

We call it a coaching questionnaire because, like any good coach, it doesn’t try to do it for you.  Instead, it asks you just the right questions so you can develop the best plan for your situation.


Let’s begin by thinking about the things that are causing you pain in your business… your ‘pain points’.  Then, click submit to access tools to fix each one.

  • Attract

  • Sell

  • Wow

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