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Whether you need a website for the first time or an overhaul of your existing site, your website should be the home of your online marketing efforts.  Turning your website into an “engine of value creation for your business, customer, and team” is not just a slick marketing phrase.  On the contrary, it’s graduate level marketing strategy.  To get started, fill out our website worksheet inquiry form:

Website Support Plans

Cyber criminals don’t have to click around to exploit weaknesses in your site. They have programs that do that for them while they sleep. Our support plans keep your site up-to-date to prevent security lapses, but that is just the beginning. We provide unlimited content changes, backups management, search engine visibility reporting, video training, conversion reporting, content development, uptime monitoring, malware scanning, site hardening, a page builder, and more.  Click below for pricing and details:

Project Discovery

Sometimes we ‘don’t know what we don’t know’ and we can become paralyzed or slowed by the multitude of options.  In this approximately workshop, Jon walks you through a systematic and intensive process of guided discovery.  He’ll even come to your office in your in the metro Atlanta area, otherwise we’ll use a video conference (Zoom).  If you are not afraid of mental fatigue and need a rock-solid marketing plan, this is for you! Bonus:  If you move forward with us on a website project, your investment in the project discovery is credited toward the full project.

Website Audit

There are key ways to evaluate the health of your website: search engine visibility, security, content, and load time.  Perhaps you don’t need a complete overhaul of your site, but want to make some incremental improvements to your web presence.  Let us know and we’ll provide a website audit to give you some places to start.  Later, if you move forward with us on a website project, your investment in the website audit is credited toward the full project.     

Website Prototypes

Sometimes it helps to experience your content in a format you can interact with.  You are able to visualize the paths your customer takes as they navigate through your content.  And because content is king, this allows you to understand more clearly where you may have content holes without being distracted by design details just yet.  We do this prototyping process as part of our normal Website Projects but can also do it as a standalone service if you are interested.  Once we’re done, you can then choose to work with us for the full project or take our deliverable to whatever web provider you want.  Once we’re done, you can then choose to work with us for the full project or take our deliverable to whatever web provider you want.  Of course, if you choose us, your investment in the website prototype is credited toward the full project.


Do you have a specific business challenge that needs an objective perspective? Jon has been around enough to know that, although having an MBA helps, what really adds value is asking you the right questions.  If you move forward with us on a website project, your investment in the consulting service is credited toward the full project.

Our Process

Don’t worry, we’ve done this before.

We Listen

Questions are powerful. They can help cut through the buzz of fads and identify the most important goals. So we resist the temptation to make assumptions and spout off features and instead work find out the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’.


Your content is one of your most important assets as you seek to create value for your business and deliver value to your customers. And the way it is organized drives design and development decisions, so it must precede them. 


Once a solid sitemap is in place, we add the core of that content into a WordPress website that has no design. This gives you the opportunity to visualize how the customer will interact with your content and the action steps to which you will call them.


After you approve the sitemap, we work on your site design. We combine your branding, what you like in other websites, what your competitors are doing, and our own design experience to create a mobile-friendly, modern design that tells your audience you are literate in today’s business culture.


After you sign off on the design, we begin development: working on functionality and any custom coding that is necessary. Here is where we are implementing your automation selections so that your team can avoid repetitive tasks. And we are thinking of your customers as well by developing a bug-free, secure, and fast-loading site so that they have a great experience.

Support & Growth

A website lives in an ever changing environment: web technology, the cyber-threat, your customers expectations, and even your own business needs are constantly evolving. We support you by offering website support plans that help to keep you safe and can supercharge your marketing efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get a stand alone service and then use it with a different web provider?

You sure can! One of the benefits of the Project Discovery, Website Audit, Website Prototype, and Consulting services is that you can take what we deliver to you and give your next web provider a head start. And of course, if you work with us on a full website project, your investment in that service is credited toward the total invoice for that project.

Can we apply for a website support plan if you did not make our website?

Let’s talk about it! Some websites are in such a state of disrepair that we may need to charge an onboarding fee to get it to the place where it could even handle a support plan.

We just need small changes to our existing site. Do you do that?

Each change on a site can have second and third order effects, both in terms of business goals and the technology of your site.  So we provide a couple options for you: the first is to be on one of our support plans that offers unlimited changes.  If that is not a good fit for you right now you can ‘save up’ your small changes and group them into a project.

Do you provide hosting or domain registration?

Although we do not provide hosting or domain registration as stand alone services, we do include it on any of our plans as long as you don’t have a media-heavy site (e.g. trying to store big audio files).

Will you work on a site regardless of what web host it is on?

Because of GoDaddy’s bad track record and poor customer service, we don’t generally do work on GoDaddy hosting.  We do offer our own hosting that is included on any of our support plans.  Or we are happy to recommend other quality web hosts..

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